Things All Writers Do…But Don’t Openly Admit

So it’s come to my attention many of us writers are not only introverts, but we’re also extremely weird. I mean–I’ve always known I was an odd ball, but it’s nice to know I’m among my people. We’re breed of our own kind, you could say. I’ve been writing for most of my life, but only just published a year ago. I’ve met some amazing authors along the way. Some I met as mentors as just a reader/dreamer, and others I met as friends and confidants who I now look up to.

But there’s one thing that has kept us separated among the “normal people.”

We. Are. Weird.

Flat out, let’s-throw-this-crazy-in-a-padded-cell weird. And you know what? I freaking love it. So over my time in this amazing book world, here are the things I’ve noticed we all do.

  1. We search some of the weirdest stuff on the internet. “No, FBI-CIA, I’m not looking up the best way to kill someone for me. I swear I’m writing a riveting story and it’s pivotal I know these kinds of gruesome things. Please. Don’t. Shoot.” wink
  2. We also have no problem sitting in our computer chair/couch/bed/writing area for a(n) ridiculous amount of time. The only reason–and I mean the only way we get up is to pee. Even then, we have a hard time forcing ourselves to stop writing. Sexy, I know.dontjudge
  3. We all make our readers believe we don’t stalk reviews. But really–especially the first few weeks after release–we hide behind the metaphorical wall in our Harry Potter  invisibility cloak and get a little giddy every time someone rates our book.


4. When we get a glowing review, you know the ones that make your belly all-tingly, we’re a lot like this…



5. And then we get the bad reviews and we pretend it doesn’t bother us, but it totally does.


6. We eat/exercise/scream our feelings. All. The. Feels. Give them to me.


7. We stare oddly for inappropriate incalculable amounts of time at random strangers. It gets uncomfortable, yet we can’t stop ourselves from doing it.


8. We have no problem eating two day old pizza as long as it means we don’t have to stop writing. Our families have also learned to deal with it. “Mom made microwave pizza?! Score!” Yeah…that happens. 


It is what it is…

9. We get extremely excited when we write a deeply emotional scene.


10. And then we sit back down to re-read it and realize it’s crap and we have to delete it.


11. But then we finally finish the book. (This one deserved two gif’s) 😉


12. Then we realize we’re all introverted crazies who are terrified to push our babies out of the nest.


13. But at the end of the day, we’re all amazing, strong-willed, creative, capable-of-writing-a-New-York-Times-Bestselling-novel badasses. We do what a lot are afraid to do and we should be proud.